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The History of Pockets and Belts in Women’s Clothing

The History of Pockets and Belts in Women’s Clothing.

Pockets: It means a bag which is stitched on clothing. Pockets is a bag or envelope which helps to hold or keep small items/ things.

Pockets are very important for women to have in dress because it means to hold a possession at a time for your personal property or belonging like money, small jewellery, important documents etc….

It makes a dress look like the bit cooler and elegant which give feminine look that little bit of modern attitude. Sometimes pocket may look very insignificant but add a powerful touch of flamboyance and elegance to your dresses or clothes. Pockets gives cool look and gives us a inner confident.
Belts: It is a fashion accessory that is traditionally used to secure or hold up clothing, such as trousers, shoThe History of Pockets and Belts in Women's Clothingrts, and skirts, to carry objects, such as tools and weapons and to define or accentuate the waist. Belts are flexible band or strap. It also come in many different types and styles and adjustable level of tightness.

It helps to create a better harmony in your looks and make your jeans or kurti etc…. more elegant and it can also be worn for different clothes. Belts also help to reduce stress on the lower back, sometimes it also be a centre of attraction for many people.

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