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Women are a wonderful creation of God. The muilticulture women are the true essence of God’s blessing. They are known for their inner beauty, strength & wisdom. They have spread liveliness, happiness in various fields and fashion is among them. 

Kamroph is today a beguiling tag of asthetic embellishment, opened new avenues in offering paradigms of fashion. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman’s feeling. The fast growing KAMROPH brand reinforcing the Charisma of modern women. 

Spreading decent ways of fashion, worldwide. 


Kamroph_Luxury moving ahead in offering magnificent graphics to art lovers. The colors carry great significance in everyone’s life. A blissful made portrait gives soothing effect. Our one of the specialized realms carries Mandala art, which according to ancient sayings also represent the colors of dignity & makes feel peaceful.

The Rajnish Wadhwa’s art atelier is a free path to express the heart. Besides abstract, lively, the mandala art gives a free path to express the heart. The Mandala art from Kamroph, is an abstract of feelings. Here we offer a range of designs that reflect modernism and positive vibrations. The Mandala and other artworks are prepared with a flow of harmless colors exit mostly on canvas and ecofriendly paper. 

It is said that humanity is known for the spirituality, affection & harmony. The artifacts are created by passion & from the heart using magical power of nature’s colors.


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